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Ravenscroft Escentials
Aromamists™ and Facial Mists
Spray these different synergistic mists in every room of your home or office. Kill germs organically while benefiting from pure aromatherapy. Or use on one's self for energy, depression, insomnia, and more. See each product's usage for details.
Air Purify™
This antiseptic blend kills (versus simply masking) undesirable odors and bacteria, purifying the bathroom, kitchen, litter box, etc.

The essential oils in this blend are pheromone-releasing and endorphin-stimulating -- an all natural aphrodisiac! This sensuous blend is persuasive, hypnotic and breathtaking for either sex.
Elevation of Mind™
Feel an instant surge of joy with this powerful and delicious blend of seratonin-producing oils. This blend may help with depression, while clearing the fog around the brain for clarity. One of our top sellers!
Facial Mist
Revitalize and tone the skin. May diminish wrinkles & may also help alleviate symptoms of rosacea.

Facial Mist
These regenerative healing oils are famous for working wonders on skin conditions, including rosacea, severe acne, psoriasis, eczema, and more! One of our top sellers!
Release you own melatonin organically and instantly for a full night's rest. Slip to sleep and stay asleep.

Ground • Center • Focus™
This rare, smokey, campfire-like blend of cedar lives up to its name. It may aid in relieving symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

Passion/Moving Forward™
Created for those who need help moving through times of change and loss. Boost confidence, produce serotonin and get the mojo flowin' with this aphrodisiac blend, while grounding the self.
Lovely Rose™
Raise you frequency to dispel fear. Open the heart chakra, instantly! May also ease stress, depression & panic by producing serotonin.

Holiday Spirit™
This blend combines pure essential oils of spices and evergreens that create an aroma reminiscent of winter holidays, bringing joy, happiness and security.
Rejuvenating Hair Tonic
May repair split ends, promote hair growth, inhibit graying, stop dandruff and calm frizz.

Sage & Cedarwood™
Purify, protect and ground one's self!

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