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AromaTea™ & Breath Drops and Liquitea™
Aromatea™ & Breath Drops are the first ever aromatherapy tea drops. Omit the tea bag, people! Receive powerful aromatherapy benefits by simply adding these delectable drops (organic essential oil, in a base of organic agave nectar syrup) to a little hot water, stir, sniff & sip! Add to your green, black, red, or white teas, cocoas, coffees, soy milks, etc. They're also wonderful right on or under the tongue, as a delicious breath drop!
Liquitea™ is Ravenscroft Escentials' therapeutic tea drop line, designed to help with various ailments in the body. Delicious and effective! Simply drop in hot or cold water and drink!
Clear Sinus™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
This blend helps clear respiratory congestion while giving a rejuvenating lift. Wonderful for headaches. Open up & smell again. Mmnn!!

Good~Nite™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
Combat stress, sleeplessness, irritability & nervousness, relaxing the mind & body with this beautiful melatonin-releasing tea. Also may lower high blood pressure.
Peppermint Stick™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
Peppermint is fantastic for combating inflammation & headaches, as well as aiding in digestion & promoting weight loss.
Healer's Chai™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
This highly antiviral, antibacterial, & anti-fungal tea may help boost the immune system, and works as a wonderful liquid cough drop.

Hawaiian Nectar™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
An alluring aroma of organic fruits & flowers reminiscent of the Islands, this luscious tea blend brightens the spirit, captivates the senses & may restore alkalinity (reduce acid).
Spearmint Fresh™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
Spearmint is famous for opening the lungs, and may bring us a feeling of balance & a lasting sense of well-being.

Whoa! Cinnamon™ AromaTea™ & Breath Drops
Woah! Cinnamon is a delicious tea that may help balance blood sugar levels & eliminate bad breath.

Organ Cleanse Liquitea™
Tea Drops
Cleanse the liver to dispel frustration & anger. Curb cravings for sugar, alcohol and nicotine.
Digestion Liquitea™
Tea Drops
Digestion Liguitea™ drops may assist in promoting weight loss, and stimulating digestion. Soothe the belly by reducing inflammation, pain or bloating.

Rose Frequency Tongue
Raise your vibration!
Counteract lower vibrational thoughts and fears, and boost your immune system.
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