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Ravenscroft Escentials is dedicated to handcrafting organic essential oil products that comfort the body, soothe the soul and delight the senses, using the beautiful gifts that nature provides.

Crafting the unique and powerful blends you'll find throughout this website takes great care, passion, and an artist's touch. Ravenscroft Escentials founder Ginger Ravencroft sources her oils from 12 organic essential oil companies all across the globe (and is always looking for more! If you're are an essential oil company, or have a recommendation, send Ginger an email). Ginger also believes in buying local whenever possible and takes great pride in sourcing oils from five amazing local companies in Oregon, as well. For years now and for years to come, her promise to herself and to all of you is to always provide the most delicious and highest-quality therapeutic grade organic essential oil blends possible!

Because the fragrance of any particular single note (essential oil) can vary from lot to lot, or year to year, just as a particular vineyard's vintage may vary, Ginger meticulously samples each oil to ensure the highest quality and most amazing aroma for usage in her blends. Her process is to gather the samples of a particular single note from each company, and sample each one back to back. She spends a few days inhaling all of them, utilizing her keen sense of smell and years of experience, comparing them against each other in order to pick the best one. It can be heart-breaking for her when a lot of a particular note sells out, or a country ceases export of it. So once a note passes her stringent selection process and she falls in love with it, she purchases it in the largest quantity she can! Once selected, these oils are stored in her climate-controlled workshop for crafting Ravenscroft Escentials' magnificent blends.

All of the ingredients used to make Ravenscroft Escentials products are certified organic.

We are as passionate about our products as we are about caring for our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, or have a special need that requires a special blend, and Ginger will be happy to design one for you!
Ginger Ravencroft
Ginger fell in love with organic aromatherapy in 1994. With her first inhalation of pure essential oils, she realized it would be a lifelong romance. Since allergies run in her family, she has always been very fond of any and all things pure and natural. Ginger has dedicated the larger portion of her life exercising her passion for finding the most rare, exotic and organic therapeutic-grade essential oils possible.
After years of study and use, she launched Ravenscroft Escentials not only because she fell in love with aromatherapy's purity and divinity, but because it helped change her life:

After receiving injuries in a car accident, she healed her spine and neck (6 protruding discs) where she was to have surgery using her Muscle Regeneration over a six year period. Ginger also created the Beautiful line which wiped away her severe acne and facial redness in just 3 days. Although it is more famous for it's anti-wrinkle success, she is elated that it has helped thousands of people's skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and severe acne issues. Ginger is in love with aromatherapy and what it has done for herself and others, and delights in sharing "natures nurturing essences." Mother Earth is magnificent!

Also a skilled photographer. Ginger's work includes everything from portraits of actors like Academy Award®-nominated James Cromwell (LA Confidential, Babe: A Pig In The City), to musicians such as legendary New York jazz drummer and teacher Freddy Gruber (Neil Pert, Dave Weckyl), and Marcella Detroit (Shakespeare's Sister, Eric Clapton) to stunning landscapes and macro photography, to weddings, children and expectant mothers. Her inspiration: "I find eccentricity in all individuals and capture that unique character (which is my definition of beauty)." Ginger's work has been used in Variety and Regen magazines. View her work at her website:

Ginger is also a highly-skilled and hard-hitting
rock drummer, having played on stages and in studios all over Los Angeles for over 20 years.
Charlie Hedges
Right Hand Man
Charlie is Ginger’s exuberant aide, representing or assisting Ravenscroft Escentials at local markets and out of town expos alike. He is actively involved in the company’s behind the scenes processes, including preparation of Ginger’s magical blends under her stringent, quality-controlled standards. Charlie is a former construction project manager, where attention to detail is the norm. He is ecstatic to be sharing the healing and wondrous world of organic therapeutic aromatherapy with others!
Brent Daniels
Design & Tech Guru
Brent designed and built the Ravenscroft Escentials website and store, creates its product labels and artwork, and assists Ginger and Charlie by providing them with technology to help them engage with customers and provide great service. He is also a composer, music and film producer, and educator.